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2012 – São Paulo

Ética e Bioéthica Clínica no pluralismo e diversidade: teorias, experiências e perspectivas.Leo Pessini et al. (organizadores). São Paulo: Centro Universitário São Camilo: Idéias & Letras, 2012

2009 – Taipei

Formosan Journal of Medical Humanities, Volume 10, No 1&2, June 2009. Co-editors: Michael Cheng-tek and Ming-been Lee

  • George J. Agich, Understanding Criticisms of Clinical Ethics and Ethics Consultation, 8-20 (Link)
  • Hans-Martin Sass, Interactive Health Care Principles in the Clinical Setting: Competence, Compassion, Communication, Cooperation, Cultivation, 21-45 (Link)
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  • Y. D. Huang, Book Review: Innocence and Healthcare: Utopia-Dr. Wu’s Reminiscence, 144-150 (Link)

2008 – Rijeka

Clinical Ethics, Volume 4, No 3, September 2009. Co-editors: Ainsley J Newson, Gerald Neitzke and Stella Reiter-Theil

  • Ainsley J Newson, Gerald Neitzke and Stella Reiter-Theil, The role of patients in European clinical ethics consultation, 109-110 (Link)
  • Ainsley J Newson, Clinical ethics committee case 7: our young patient is in heart failure but has multiple co-morbidities. How can we best care for him and his family?, 111-115 (Link)
  • Anne Slowther, Planning for and managing pandemic influenza, 116-118
  • Sara Fovargue and Suzanne Ost, A plea for precaution with public health: the xenotransplantation example, 119-124 (Link)
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  • Angela Clayton-Turner, Donating one’s brain for research – a very personal perspective, 156-158 (Link)
  • Priscilla Alderson, Why I wrote Children’s Consent to Surgery, 159 (Link)

2005 – Basel

“Thematic Section – Research on Clinical Ethics and Consultation.” Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy: A European Journal 11(1):3-56. Co-editors: Stella Reiter-Theil and George J. Agich

  • Stella Reiter-Theil and George J. Agich, Research on clinical ethics and consultation: Introduction to the theme, 3-5. (Link)
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“Special Section – Coming of Age in Clinical Ethics Consultation: Time for Assessment and Evaluation.” Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Volume 18, Issue 04, October 2009. Co-editors: George J. Agich and Stella Reiter-Theil

  • George J. Agich and Stella Reiter-Theil, Guest Editorial: Encouraging the Dialogue,333-337 (Link)
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