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5th ICCEC in Taipei

The Fifth International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation had the theme “Bioethics and Ethical Consultation in a Diversified World”, and was held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan on March 12-14, 2009.

Conference Program


Formosan Journal of Medical Humanities, Volume 10, No 1&2, June 2009. Co-editors: Michael Cheng-tek and Ming-been Lee

  • George J. Agich, Understanding Criticisms of Clinical Ethics and Ethics Consultation, 8-20 (Link)
  • Hans-Martin Sass, Interactive Health Care Principles in the Clinical Setting: Competence, Compassion, Communication, Cooperation, Cultivation, 21-45 (Link)
  • Saša Ostojić, Nina Pereza and M. Louisa Pedri, Current View on Ethics and Genetics: The Importance of Progressive Evolution of Medical Genetics and Genetic Counseling, 46-72 (Link)
  • Søren Holm, The Role of Religion and Culture in Clinical Ethics Consultation, 73-80 (Link)
  • Philip Crowell, The Ethno-Cultural and Spiritual Impact on Ethical Consultations of End-of-Life Decision Making: An Inter-Pathetic and Pluralist Approach, 81-90 (Link)
  • Leo Pessini, Bioethics in Latin-America: Some Challenging Questions for the Present and Future, 91-101 (Link)
  • Motomu Shimoda, Rationality of Refusing Treatment: Clinical Ethics Conference at the Department of Emergency Medicine, 102-107 (Link)
  • Bogdana Todorova and Vasil Kolev, Moral Imperative in the Age of Genetic Medicine, 108-118 (Link)
  • Jaro Kotalik, Aboriginal Health Care in Canada-Bioethics Perspective, 119-13 (Link)
  • Xiao-Mei Zhai, On Physician-patient Trust Relationship and Medical Professionalism, 136-143 (Link)
  • Y. D. Huang, Book Review: Innocence and Healthcare: Utopia-Dr. Wu’s Reminiscence, 144-150 (Link)