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9th ICCEC in Munich

The Ninth International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation had the theme “Bridging Clinical Medicine and Ethics”, and was hosted by the Munich University Hospital and the Ludwig-Maximilians-­University in Munich, Germany on March 14-16, 2013.

The intention was to strengthen the bridge between clinical medicine and ethics by providing a forum for the exchange of experience and discussions between clinicians, ethicists and ethics consultants. In particular, it presented “role model consultations” based on real clinical cases from intensive care, dementia care, and oncology. In addition, plenary sessions focused on the needs for ethics consultation from the perspective of clinicians and connected them to the experience of ethics consultants.

Event Summary


Best paper

  • Hugo Gold, Lynn Gillam, Catherine Lees [Hans Joachim Schwager awardees], Children’s Bioethics Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Elisabeth Gjerberg, Lilian Lillemoen, Reidar Pedersen, Reidun FordeUse of Coercion in Nursing Homes – Experiences of Patients and Relatives. Oslo, Norway.
  • Richard Huxtable, Fifty Shades of Grey? Compromise and the Clinical Ethics Committee. Bristol, UK.
  • Valentin Schnurrer, Sabine Tanner, Barbara Meyer-Zehnder, Heidi Albisser Schleger, Jan Schürmann, Hans ParggerStella Reiter-Theil, Supporting and Developing the Ethical Competence of Clinicians by Introducing a Medical Ethical Guideline: Data from an Evaluation. Basel, Switzerland.