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4th ICCEC in Rijeka

The Fourth International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation was held in Rijeka, Croatia, September 5, 2008 as a satellite of the 9th World Congress of Bioethics of the International Association of Bioethics. This meeting was organized to provide a forum for interaction between participants from around the world focusing on commonly discussed cases and presentations.

Event Summary


Clinical Ethics, Volume 4, No 3, September 2009. Co-editors: Ainsley J Newson, Gerald Neitzke and Stella Reiter-Theil

  • Ainsley J Newson, Gerald Neitzke and Stella Reiter-Theil, The role of patients in European clinical ethics consultation, 109-110 (Link)
  • Ainsley J Newson, Clinical ethics committee case 7: our young patient is in heart failure but has multiple co-morbidities. How can we best care for him and his family?, 111-115 (Link)
  • Anne Slowther, Planning for and managing pandemic influenza, 116-118
  • Sara Fovargue and Suzanne Ost, A plea for precaution with public health: the xenotransplantation example, 119-124 (Link)
  • Reidun Førde and Thor Willy Ruud Hansen, Involving patients and relatives in a Norwegian clinical ethics committee: what have we learned?, 125-130 (Link)
  • Véronique Fournier, Eirini Rari, Reidun Førde, Gerald Neitzke, Renzo Pegoraro and Ainsley J Newson, Clinical ethics consultation in Europe: a comparative and ethical review of the role of patients, 131-138 (Link)
  • Ainsley J Newson, The role of patients in clinical ethics support: a snapshot of practices and attitudes in the United Kingdom, 139-145 (Link)
  • Gerald Neitzke, Patient involvement in clinical ethics services: from access to participation and membership, 146-151 (Link)
  • Eirini Rari and Véronique Fournier, Strengths and limitations of considering patients as ethics ‘actors’ equal to doctors: reflections on the patients’ position in a French clinical ethics consultation setting, 152-155 (Link)
  • Angela Clayton-Turner, Donating one’s brain for research – a very personal perspective, 156-158 (Link)
  • Priscilla Alderson, Why I wrote Children’s Consent to Surgery, 159 (Link)